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After an afternoon picnic at El Kabayo Waterfalls we went to check out the Subic Treetop Adventure Park.  I had heard a lot about the place but this would be the first time I would visit and take a ride. Truth be told, I have a fear of heights, so I wasn’t sure how much fun I would be having.

When we arrived, a group of us were given a quick overview of all the activities that were available as well as a disclaimer about not being able to get a refund if you try to back out at the last minute. Once you pay for you ride, that’s it, you’re committed.


Subic Tree Top Adventure Survival


Our group discussed the options and opted for the Jungle Survival Training and Tree Canopy ride.

In the Jungle Survival Training we learned how to use bamboo to make a pot, rice cooker, spoon and cup. The coolest part was showing us how to make fire with the bamboo. Then we took a hike through the jungle trails and learned about different types of plants and trees.


Subic Tree Top Adventure Fire Survival

Subic Tree Top Adventure Hike


After the survival training we took a ride on the Canopy Ride. At its highest point we were 100 feet from the ground. 3 people at a time can go from platform to platform at the top of trees. It was a great view but a bit slow. It took forever because we kept having to wait for the groups in front of us, and the ride itself is at a snail’s pace.


Subic Tree Top Adventure Canopy


My friend Sherry did the Tree Drop. It’s 60-feet straight down. It was fun watching her because she wouldn’t let go of the guy trying to get her in position. Check out the video.



Subic Tree Top Adventure Drop


Hiking though the jungle.

Subic Tree Top Adventure Hike


Me and Jimmy with our sexy harness’ on.

Subic Tree Top Adventure


Map of Tree Top Adventure Park, Subic, Philippines

Subic Tree Top Adventure Map


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