Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas


Rest and relaxation at Dive Solana in Batangas – My mother was just arriving in the Philippines so I picked her up at the airport and headed down to Mabini, Batangas.

Dive Solana resort is situated at the southern most point of the peninsula, on the coast facing Tingloy on Maricaban Island. It’s probably about 15km from the Anilao Pier along a windy road that follows the water.


Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Stairs


From the road you will see the Dive Solana sign as well as a small guardhouse. You can park you car in the lot and then make your way down the 200-step staircase leading down to the resort. If you have a lot of bags, the guard will help you carry them down. Once you get to the lobby, you will be greeted with welcome drinks and shown to your room.

You can choose from the ocean view rooms or hillside rooms, which is where I stayed. The hillside rooms are just behind ocean view rooms and were nice and quiet.


Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Ocean View Rooms


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style. Considering there were only a few of us staying at the resort, there was still a good variety of food to select from. Each meal included a couple different meats or fish, vegetables, rice and sometimes noodles, fresh fruit and a small dessert.

I was hoping to use the WiFi to get some work done, but unfortunately the connection wasn’t strong enough to load my emails on Outlook. This was really the only downside of the resort. But on the bright side, it forced me to relax and not think about work, which is a good thing I guess.


Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Rooms


The rooms are very nice and simple. 2 single beds, a day bed, shelving unit to store your belongings and aircon. The washroom (CR) has a hot and cold shower along with some toiletries for your convenience. Each room also has a patio with chairs, which is nicely shaded by the trees surrounding the rooms.

There are day beds along the edge of the beach that were excellent for lying around and doing nothing or reading a book. I highly suggest bringing a good book but there is also a wide selection of books and magazines in the lobby for you to ready. The day beds are also the perfect spot to catch the sunsets.


Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Beach Bed


If doing nothing is not your thing, you can grab some dive or snorkeling gear and head out right in front of the resort. You’ll see many people come in just for the day to hit the water. There are a lot of corrals right from the edge of the water so it would be suggested to wear some kind of footwear. Head out only a few meters and you will see a wide array of fish and sea creatures.


Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Underwater


Be advised that the resort is on the channel between the peninsula and Maricaban Island so the water does have a steady current. If you’re not going out very far its ok, but in the channel the currents can get very strong. If you’re not a seasoned swimmer, wear a life jacket and bring a buddy.


How to Get To Anilao Pier, Mabini, Batangas

(These directions are from the Dive Solana wesbite)

1. Take the South Super Highway (also known as SLEX or South Luzon Expressway).
2. Pay SLEX toll P167.00 at the Calamba exit.
3. Continue along SLEX which will lead to the new STAR TOLLWAY (approx 6km/4mi).
4. You will pay two toll fees, the first is P22.00 then a second one for P60.00 at the end of STAR TOLLWAY.
5. The road will split into three in 200meters/.1mi. Take the one straight ahead that leads to theBatangas pier.
6. You will see a Toyota car dealership on the left.
7. Keep going straight until you see the flyover. Go under the flyover and turn right at the intersection.
8. Keep going straight on this road for about 4.5km/2.7mi until you see Jollibee (fast food restaurant). Turn right.
9. Follow the road until it curves to the left.
10. Keep going, you will see Metrobank on the left, then Petron gas station on the right.
11. Shortly after Petron gas station, you will cross a short bridge.
12. Right after crossing the bridge, turn left towards the shipyards. You will pass AG&P and Keppel Shipyards.
13. In about 8.8km/5.4mi, you will reach the circular Mabini shrine, turn right.
14. Stay on this road which heads out to the Anilao pier.
15. Turn left before the pier, you will start seeing resort signs along the way.
16. Continue on this road which will take you to the Anilao resorts. Solana is approximately 10 kms/6.21 mile from this point.
17. Solana is on your right.


Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Sunset

Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas

Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas

Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Night

Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Underwater

Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Dinner


Map of Dive Solana, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines

Dive Solana Resort Anilao Batangas Map

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