Allen TrottierI’m finding it very hard to write this About Me page.

It’s hard to convey who I really am without spending time together. The words on your screen may not necessarily translate into the real Allen Trottier.

Instead of trying to explain who I am in a few paragraphs, I’ve decided to simply write 15 things you probably don’t know about me and 10 things I hope to accomplish in the future.

Its my hope that you’ll know more about me after reading this. And then later, if you want to connect in person while adventuring around the Philippines, you can reach me via Twitter or Facebook.

Here we go.

15 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1. I’m 29, but my friends are usually older than me. Even in elementary school I can remember hanging out with the older kids. Nowadays I spend time with people older than me because I gain a lot from their knowledge and experience.

2. Earlier this year, I crashed my longboard. It was a decently bad crash which needed 5 stitches. The doctor looked at me funny when I told him I crashed while skateboarding. Age is just in your head. Do what makes you feel good.

3. I love international flights. Well, for the first hour before my butt gets sore. I find it so awesome that you can sit in a box for a few hours and end up on the other side of the world.

4. I don’t enjoy getting drunk anymore. I used to do it as a career. Now my tolerance is gone and all I can think about is how bad its going to suck tomorrow. I must be getting old.

5. I really like the barefoot movement. I have 2 pairs of Vibram FiveFinger shoes. But I’m too self conscious to wear them out in public, unless I’m on an island near the beach.

6. I don’t have a drivers license. I have a learners permit that I got a couple years ago, just cause I needed ID. I don’t ever plan to drive. Although I may consider getting a motorcycle.

7. When I was younger I played the guitar, bass and drums. I haven’t played in about 10 years. I feel slightly ashamed at myself.

8. I’m a dog person. Cats are no fun.

9. My parents did not live a wealthy life. I hope to someday be able to support them so they don’t have to work or think of money.

10. I really enjoy photography. Im not a pro, yet. I get lucky sometimes. But the memories are what really count for me. I want to take more photos on a daily basis.

11. Blogging does not come naturally to me. I’ve only started writing recently. Part of the reason I started this blog was to improve my writing skills. Practice makes perfect. I hope you enjoy the journey.

12. My first visit to the Philippines was at the age of 25. I grew up in a small town in Canada. No other Filipino’s around. I grew up with a Canadian mentality, not knowing anything of my mothers heritage. After my first visit, I knew I had to come back and explore the my culture.

13. I’m quiet. I’m not the loud the guy in the group. I prefer to listen.

14. Even at the age of 29 I still laugh at farts and fart jokes. Its the kid in me. I don’t think it will ever get old.

15. I love rock music. Im a rocker at heart. I grew up with 90’s metal. Lately I’ve also been into Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Trance. I can appreciate some of the Top 40 music out there, but mostly it makes me sad that the younger generation don’t know what real music, with instrument, is.


Ok, that was a little more revealing than I originally had in mind. But I guess thats the point. Now lets get into my future.


10 Things I Want To Accomplish in the Future

1. My photography featured in a magazine. I don’t need to be a world renowned photographer, but having something published will make me feel like a legitimate photographer.

2. Work for myself. I have a day job. I’ve been with the company for about 8 years. The pay is pretty good and I have lots of freedom but I’ve always dreamed of having my own business.

3. Learn to speak tagalog. I wish I learned when I was young. New languages do not come naturally to me. Its going to take a lot of practice.

4. Own beachfront property. Something simple. Just a hut by the beach is good enough.

5. Get dual citizenship. Because I’m over 18, I technically can’t get it. But there’s got to be a way. I’ll find it.

6. Have a family. I’m not ready right now, but someday.

7. Be a confident surfer. I don’t need huge barrels. I just like gliding on the surface of the water. Like you’re walking on water. Its an amazing feeling.

8. Barefoot. I want to wear barefoot shoes on a regular basis. Its better for your feet, posture and health in general.

9. Quit smoking. It’s a bad habit I picked up when I was very young. I’ll quit for a few months here and there but I keep going back. I want to quit permanently.

10. I want this blog to be a success. I want more people coming to the Philippines to see the beauty in its 7100+ islands and in its amazing people.


If you made it this far, THANKS for reading. I hope some of my personality has come thru. If you dig it, subscribe to this blog, follow me on Facebook, or write me and email.

Be well.