WHITE BEACH – Boracay Island

White Beach Boracay Island


Boracay is one of the most famous islands in the Philippines, if not the world. Most recently it was ranked #2 for the ‘Travellers Choice Awards” by TripAdvisor and was on the “Top Ten Islands” list by Travel + Leisure.

Take my advice: Do not make your first trip to Boracay hung over. I did. Bad move.

After a long night of drinking, I took a 7am flight to Caticlan. From there you have to take a short 4-minute bus ride from the airport to the jetty. You pay your fees (terminal fee and environmental fee) and make your way to the boat. The boat will bring you to Boracay Island where you will take a trike to your hotel. In reality, it’s not that bad unless you’re really hung over haha.


White Beach Boracay Island


White Beach is about 3-4 kilometers long. 2km of that is lined with hotels and restaurants. You can hit the water, get a tan, rent some beach chairs and grab a drink or food… then organize some water activities.

The sand was amazing. Even in the blaring sun, the sand doesn’t get hot. Why? I’m not really sure.


White Beach Boracay Island


One down side for me was the amount of tourist. The beauty of the place still remains, but the crowds can get overwhelming at time. If you want a quiet piece of beach, head to the north part of White Beach.  This is where a lot of the higher end hotels and resorts are located. It tends to be quieter and more relaxing.

At night, the fun keeps going. Live bands can be found at many of the open air restaurants and bars. There are also a few “DJ” type venues if you feel in mood.

Even if you’re turned off by a lot of tourist, do yourself a favour and check out Boracay. You’ll thank me later ; )


White Beach Boracay Island


Map of White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Boracay White Beach Map

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  2. Rollan Budi says:

    Oh the sand at Boracay! The sand! So silky smooth and not hot at all in the sun. And the water was so calm. Could float down that beach all day long… actually I did that 🙂

    Way too touristy for my taste though. I think 4 days is good enough there. Not much to really do.

  3. nice photography 🙂
    Thanks for the information.