GET IN THE FLOW – 7th FLOW SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat in Baler

Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines Surf Beach Board


What a weekend.

3 days of fun and excitement.
72 hours with new friends and new experiences.

But leave it to me to wait over a month to write this post. One of these days I’ll stop procrastinating. Until then, here was the weekend…

After a brief sleep through the dark hours of the early morning, we woke up to sunrise and the amazing landscape of the Philippines. Even though it was a long bus ride, its hard to get tired of views like this –


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


We were also treated with a vegan breakfast. As you may know, I’m a pretty big guy and I love to eat meat. Even with that said, this breakfast was pretty good. Props to PipinoVeg, you made healthy taste good 😉


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


Once we arrived at Aliya Surf Resort, we spent a little time checking out the beach, meeting our fellow flow’ers, and grabbing lunch.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


I was more than happy with the resort and my room. Imagine waking up to this each morning. Seriously.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines Aliya Resort


Here’s the room and CR (aka bathroom/comfort room). Sure it’s simple, but it has StokedInc girls on the wall – so what else do you want?


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines Alyia Resort


I was supposed to have my first surf lesson of the trip at 3pm but I was so tired I didn’t wake up from my nap until 330. Luckily for me, nobody noticed. I found an instructor that was free, grabbed a board and we hit the water.

[Sorry No Photo… I WAS BUSY SURFING… Haha]

Just before dinner it was time for some music. It was time to Samba. I joined drummers while the girls got a little dance lesson.  Dinner kept a similar theme to the rest of food on the trip. Healthy. Considering how much crap I had been eating the weeks before, it was a welcomed change. Here are some pics of everyone getting setup to Samba, plus our healthy dinner.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


After dinner we stayed up as long as we could. I think I lasted until 9 or 10pm. We were all exhausted from a long day of fun in the sun.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines Aliya Resort


In the morning I chickened out of what was supposed to be my first ever yoga lesson. Why was I chicken? I have no idea. I assume its because I’m a guy and were weird like that haha.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


Our second set of surf lessons could either be done in the morning or afternoon. I chose to do the afternoon. I took the morning to bring my camera out into the water and get some shots of my new friends catching waves. Here are a few.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


In the afternoon I got my second lesson (I wasn’t late this time). One thing that really set it apart was having a DJ setup banging out beats. Catching waves while rocking out to tunes is a serious way to spend your afternoon. We also got a intro to raw veg and a second round of samba. This time everyone got to grab a percussion instrument and join in a samba drum circle, on the beach, at sunset. Beat that!


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


On our last night, I made the confession about chickening out on the yoga. Big mistake. I was promptly woken up very early the next morning. I wasn’t getting out of it this time.  I’ll tell you a secret. But you have to keep it between us… It wasn’t bad at all 🙂

For the final activity, half the group chose to stay for a last round of surfing. I chose to go on a hike to some waterfalls.  8 girls… and me. Yeah, I know I’m smart.

It was quite the little adventure. 15-minute bus ride. 10-minute trike ride, straight uphill. Then a 25-minute hike.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


But it was totally worth it.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


There is one sad part to the story. One the way back from the waterfall, I lost one of my sandals while crossing a stream. Luckily, our guide found me another sandal that someone had lost before me. I wonder how many sandals that stream has eaten over the years.



Here’s a pics of our group that I stole from the FLOW website.


Flow SurfYogaSamba Baler Philippines


A very big THANK YOU to Denise, Noelle and Monica for putting together this great weekend. I met a lot of great people. Had a so much fun and relaxation, I’m wishing I was back there right now. I’m looking forward to the announcement of your next retreat.

For more info your can check them our here:

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BONUS – Check these awesome videos from the weekend.

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  1. Noelle says:

    Thanks so much for blogging about FLOW! So nice to have you in our retreat, was really nice knowing you (:

    Surf again when you’re in the Philippines!
    Happy trails!

  2. AYIE says:

    i’d like to join the group but how?



  3. Rodante H. Gutierrez says:

    thank you for visiting our town, BALER, AURORA sir!